BM17200 roller brake tester - 3D illustration

BM17200 Roller Brake Tester

The BM17200 roller brake tester has a unique hydraulic load simulation system allowing the operator to raise the roller bed out of the ground.

This brake tester features a large range of options that allows for a customized configuration.


The BM17200 roller brake tester is approved by several international authorities i.e. RWTÜV Germany and complies with the ISO standard.

See also other BM brake testers for light and heavy vehicles: BM12200, BM14200, BM20200 and BM5200.


  • IT system using the latest app technology for smartphone and tablet (Windows and Android).
  • Unique load simulation system using raised rollers.
  • The “tilting” raise of rollers ensures that the axle is well embedded in to the roller bed during test, as the rear roller will automatically be positioned higher than the front roller.
  • The display can be mounted either on the wall, saving floor space, or on floor column devices, that are designed so equipment is protected even when floor is cleaned with chemicals. It can also be mounted on a trolley making it easy to move around. Display for testing equipment X200 on a trolley


  • Hot galvanized subframes can be concreted into the ground before the actual brake tester is installed.
  • The subframes ensures easier planning and implementation of installation as well as correct alignment of the brake tester during concreting.
  • Can be installed both indoor and outdoor in most environments from -30°C to 60°C and humidity up to 95.

BM17200 in-ground installed outdoor

  • Optional split bed installation over an inspection pit.


  • Normal workshops performing repair of any light or heavy vehicle.

  • Often selected by workshops profiled as specialists in brake fault diagnostics and repair.
  • Preferred by the Swedish Vehicle Inspection, AB Svensk Bilprovning.
  • Preferred by the Swedish Road Safety authorities, Vegvärket in their outdoor road site inspection stations in Sweden.
  • Used by various authorities at motorway lay-by stations as part of enforcement schemes.

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