BM3010 roller brake tester - 3D illustration

BM3010 Roller Brake Tester

The design of the BM3010 roller brake tester is unique on the market, as it has a height of only 16 cm and can be placed directly on the floor.

This brake tester features a large range of options that allows for a customized configuration.


The BM3010 roller brake tester is approved by several international authorities i.e. RWTÜV Germany.

See also other BM brake testers for light vehicles: BM4010, BM5010, BM7010 and BM9010.

  • IT system using latest app technology for smartphone and tablet (Windows and Android).
  • The rollers are only 160 mm above floor level allowing for very short drive on/off ramps (only 185 cm on each side).
  • Requires a minimum of floor space.
  • Capable of measuring up to 700 daN/kgf on each wheel, which equals or outperforms most conventional brake testers.
  • The display can be mounted either on the wall, saving floor space, or on floor column devices, that are designed so equipment is protected even when floor is cleaned with chemicals. It can also be mounted on a trolley making it easy to move around.
    Display for testing equipment X010 on a trolleyDisplay for testing equipment X010 mounted on wallDisplay for testing equipment X010 mounted on column
  • Can be supplied with wheels and trolley for easy moving around by one person.
    BM3010 mobile roller brake tester with ramps up - 3D illustration
  • Can easily be transported from site to site on a flatbed truck or trailer. This allows for sharing the brake tester between different sites or to perform brake test of vehicles at fleet owners site.


  • Can be installed in-ground using a hot galvanized subframe. Thus it can be used on-ground in a temporary location and later moved to a new location to be – if requested – installed in-ground.
  • Can be installed both indoor and outdoor in most environments from -30ºC to 60°C and humidity up to 95.

BM3010 mobile roller brake tester


  • Normal workshops performing repair of any light vehicle.
  • Vehicle inspection bodies.
  • In workshops placed directly on the floor saving cost of civil work.

  • Can be placed in front of a 4-post lift. The height of the BM3010 matches the height of most 4-post lifts.

BM3010 roller brake tester in workshop in front of lift

  • Can easily be used for both leasing/hiring as well as “try-before-buy” sales.

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