BM Android App for Smartphone or Tablet

Upgrade your BM brake tester with ANDROID APP for Smartphone or Tablet

  • If you have a BM brake tester you can upgrade with our new BM Android App for smartphone or tablet.
  • This upgrade can be done for all BM brake tester models for Class IV, VII and HGV/Trailers/PSV vehicles.

Do you already have a PDA with your BM brake tester?

  • If you have a BM brake tester with PDA and you want to upgrade to Android then it is most likely, that you only need this new Android App and an Android device to implement this upgrade.

Key features

  • Designed for both Android smartphone and tablet.
  • Display and remote control for the brake tester as well as manual entry of key visual inspection data.
  • Automatic updates via internet.
  • By installing the App on multiple Android devices, you are protected against downtime, in case one Android device breaks.

The BM Android App has been tested on a large number of Android devices – please request a product list. The old router Zyxel supplied from BM with PDA needs to be exchanged to a new router.

Available on Google Play Store