News & press: BM Test Equipment celebrates 35 years anniversary with an open house at the factory.

Open house party on BM’s 35 years anniversary

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August 31, BM Autoteknik A/S held an open house party on the occasion of the company’s 35 years anniversary and many people from the local area, business partners and the families of our employees took advantage of the opportunity to visit the factory and celebrate the day with us.
Guided tour

Upon arrival the guests were sent off in small groups on guided tours. The first stop was in our showroom, where a brake test was demonstrated with a small boogie car, which aroused the interest of especially the children. The guests were then presented to a short movie about BM’s history and development since the foundation in 1977. After a brief visit to our product display the visitors were led to the software department, where they could gain an insight in the work with our complex IT concept, BM FlexCheck.

The tour then continued to the electrical department, where the visitors could see the construction of our display which shows e.g. brake values. Hereafter, the guests went through our store room and into the assembly hall, where the brake testers are pieced together before they are shipped to the customers. The tour rounded off in the welding hall where skilful workers could be seen operating the milling and bending machines and water jet cutter. Our newest investment, the welding robot, was also shown in motion.

Hot dog stand and delicious cake buffet

After a successfully completed round trip the guests were served hot dogs and cold beverages. For the coffee needy tour participants there was also arranged a very tempting cake buffet.

Many visitors

“We were all very surprised and honored to see how many visitors showed up on this festive day and we hope that everyone gained a better insight into our daily life here at BM”, says Sales director and co-owner, Michael K. Larsen.

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