BM Autoteknik participating in Automessen in Oslo, Norway

Automessen in Oslo

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Visitors looking for innovative quality solutions

In general we met a much more optimistic industry than we have experienced at exhibitions during the previous years. It was encouraging to learn, that customers did not only express interest in improving their business via new investment in vehicle test equipment but also, that many were looking for innovative quality solutions – and not just for lowest price.

We participated with our distributor Rodin & Co A/S, which this year has built their largest stand ever. We displayed our truck brake tester, BM14200, with chassis load simulation as well as the on-ground BM3010 brake tester and the on-ground suspension tester, which is a cost effective solution when placed in front of a 4-post vehicle lift.

Load simulation systems

In terms of load simulation systems for the BM truck brake testers, then both the type A (pit wall) and the type D (pit floor) chassis load simulation system were presented and the concept was received with great interest among Rodin’s visitors.

When testing heavy vehicles in Norway it is required that wheel lock takes place at a brake chamber air pressure of minimum 2 bar, which on unladen vehicles often requires a load simulation system. So far the preferred load simulation solution by customers in Norway is the lifting concept of the BM17200. However, the chassis load simulation system offers a wider range of additional diagnostic possibilities including test of the load sensing function and test of Air-Bags of the suspension system in addition to applying a higher load on each axle.
Customers found it particularly interesting that the chassis load simulation system also can be supplied with the BM17200, which then provides a brake tester with the best from both load simulation principles.

Preferred tester by vehicle inspection companies in DK, SE, and IS

During the 4 days exhibition, we also presented our brake tester, BM9010, which meets the requirement of ISO21069 standard for vehicles up to 7.5 ton Gross Vehicle Weight. It is expected that this ISO standard will be implemented into Norwegian legislation around summer 2012. We, therefore, experienced a great interest. The BM9010 has a unique and strong design made for vehicle inspection stations, which insist on lowest possible breakdown risk. The BM9010 is, therefore, the preferred brake tester by the largest vehicle inspection companies in both Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.