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Safety on the roads in Ghana has become a public concern lately and that brings a focus on the importance of vehicle testing and inspection

In the harbour city Tema in Ghana, ECL (Elie Company Limited) has established a multilane testing facility in April 2014. The facilities are licensed by driver and vehicle lincensing authority DVLA to provide equipment based vehicle testing.

The facility consists of 14 vehicle testing lanes:
• 2 motorcycle lanes.
• 6 SUV and commercial vehicle lanes.
• 3 universal heavy duty vehicle lanes.
• 3 tank calibration lanes.

  • Company: Elie Company Limited (ECL)
  • Country: Ghana

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All data communication is gathered via BM FlexCheck IT system and handheld smartphones.

“This connectivity eliminates any human interference with our reports”

Edward Famien Morrison – Operation Manager, ECL

The lanes consist of roller brake testers, wheel play detectors, suspension testers, side slip testers, speedometer testers, combined emission
testers and headlight testers.

The multiple testing lanes provides a high turnaround in the number of vehicles serviced. Also the service is fully automated which ensures a superior quality and consistency in the testing of vehicles.

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