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The BM20200 is transported inside a specially designed house, which is built onto a flatrack (DROPS). This solution is used by several armed forces.

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The flatrack concept

The house is built in aluminium and contains a set of ramps, which are placed on the ground behind the house. Each ramp has a weight of only 50 kg and can therefore easily be moved by two persons.

The house is equipped with an electrical winch controlled via cable remote control, so a single person can handle loading and unloading of the brake tester. Additionally, the house is equipped with a manual winch for backup and a battery, which powers the electrical winch.

The house is also equipped with special lockable transport boxes for tools and calibration equipment.

The concept includes a generator, which is mounted in front of the house on a robust frame system and the room inside this frame is used for placing power cables and tools.

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