Case info

The BM20200 is transported inside a speciel designed trailer. The trailer body is tilted in order to load/unload the BM20200 brake tester and the rear door of the trailer is used as ramp.

More Info

The trailer is equipped with an electrical winch controlled via cable remote control, so one person can handle loading and unloading of the brake tester. Additionally the trailer is equipped with a battery, which powers the electrical winch and a manual winch for backup.

The trailer is also equipped with special lockable transport boxes for tools and calibration equipment.

The trailer is designed according to CEE norms and can be registered with licence plates in all countries in Europe.

The trailer concept does not include power supply to the brake tester. Power supply can be provided by a generator or from a normal house installation. Power requirement is as standard 3-phase 25 amp.

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