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In July 2006 the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) awarded BM Autoteknik A/S the contract to supply Vehicle Testing Equipment, and Vehicle Inspection Pits at all of the VOSA Goods Vehicle Testing Stations throughout the UK.

  • Company: Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA)
  • Country: England

More Info

VOSA selected the BM14200 Roller Brake Tester with extra large wheel span from 800 mm to 3300 mm.
The BM14200:

  • can perform brake test on Passenger Cars, Lorries, Bus, Coaches, Trucks and Trailers.
  • can test each wheel up to 5500 kgf and this way designed to test axles of 20 Ton to more than 50 % brake efficiency.
  • is fully computerised with the Windows based software BM FlexCheck RBT.

The VOSA operator is controlling the BM14200 from touch screen or optionally PDA units featuring both a remote control and displaying all brake test readings.

The BM FlexCheck RBT software is modular and prepared for handling and collecting all inspection data in the test lane including:

  • Emission data
  • Head light test data
  • Visual inspection data using PDA units
  • Other equipment.

BM is supplying VOSA with a unique 10 Ton Push-down load simulator, BM74000. The Load Simulator is electrical driven and the load application is controlled by an integrated computer unit. The load is applied by placing a steel “locking pin” between the BM74000 Load Simulator and tracks, which are concreted into the floor close to the brake tester.

The key advantages of using BM74000 Load Simulator is:

  • All operation takes place above ground, so BM14200 brake tester does not need to be placed over an inspection pit.
  • The Load Sensing Valve of the vehicle is automatically, correctly and safely activated and deactivated after the brake test.

BM is supplying VOSA with Emission test equipment.

BM is supplying VOSA with BM53000 hydraulic Wheel Play Detector. The BM53000 is radio remote controlled.

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