Visit from parliament member in factory

Visit by parliament member

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On August 31 2012, BM Autoteknik A/S was honoured by a visit from Mads Rørvig, member of the Danish parliament and member of the party Venstre, which was a government party over 10 years until the end of 2011.

The purpose of his visit was to obtain input for the industrial policy of the liberal party, Venstre, especially concerning the obstacles small and medium sized companies are faced with. Subjects like debureaucratization and facilitation of recruitment of academic employees from countries outside the EU were discussed.

Export to non EU countries was also discussed. Mads Rørvig has obtained a large international network from his many visits to countries outside Europe and he shared with us his knowledge about various Danish government export programs. We are grateful for these inputs from Mads Rørvig, which we can instantly use in our international marketing and sales activities on some of these markets.

BM Autoteknik is a company with more than 75% of our turnover being obtained via export. On a daily basis, we compete hard with our international competitors and we therefore truly appreciate that Mads Rørvig took time off to visit us to learn more about, where we think future government policies can contribute to improve our competitive strengths on the international markets.